Student Services


Our enthusiastic library officer works in the library on Mondays and Tuesdays. All classes spend a scheduled time in the Library each week. As well as learning how to use library facilities the children are given the opportunity to borrow from our collection. It would be appreciated if parents could encourage children to have a bag to carry reading and library books in at all times. Books are a valuable resource and need to be looked after.

Book Club

Children will be given the opportunity to purchase books through Scholastic Book Club during the year. Order forms are sent home with children for the desired books to be marked off. The order form, together with payment, using a separate sealed envelope for each child’s order and marked with Scholastic Book Club, name and room number on the outside of the envelope is to be returned and placed in the Scholastic Book Club box situated in the Library. Payments can be made either by Credit Card or Bankcard.