PEAC and Intervention

Primary Extension and Challenge Program (PEAC)

This distinct initiative is aimed at supporting the school’s endeavours to meet the needs of academically gifted and talented children. Year 5-6 children are offered places in extension courses based upon testing undertaken in Year 4. These courses generally operate away from school and require parent transport to attend. Only about 5% of all students qualify to attend these courses. Parents will be notified by Regional Office of successful applications to the program.

At our school we analyse previously gathered data and form small groups to provide a variety of support intervention programs for different academic levels, focusing on Literacy and Numeracy.

For Literacy intervention we run MiniLit targeting Year 1 and 2 students with each lesson lasting fifty minutes, four times a week and MacqLit targeting Year 3 students onwards. In Numeracy The Sprinters Program targets Year 1 to 6 students with short bursts of meaningful intervention up to five times a week.

The series of lessons are systematically structured to build on the basics of each learning area to extend student’s knowledge and confidence.