Vision and Values

Our Mission

Our school will provide educational excellence in a respectful, safe and stimulating environment where children are supported and challenged to meet their academic, emotional, social, physical and creative potential.

Our Values

Academically Rigorous: We have high expectations of our students and ourselves.  We strive for excellence and our personal best.

Resilience: We provide engaging and challenging learning experiences and encourage students to persevere when faced with challenges.

Respect:  We are courteous to each other and promote a sense of belonging in a safe, supportive environment.  Our relationships are based on trust and mutual respect.

Inclusivity:  We recognise that every child is unique. We cater for their different circumstances and needs and are respectful of diversity.

Collaboration:  The school community, including staff, students and parents work together to achieve our common goals and best outcomes for our students.

Citizenship: We provide children with opportunities to be environmentally responsible, to be part of creating a sustainable future and engage in the development of themselves as global citizens.

Our Beliefs

We believe learning occurs best when:

  • honesty and respect are exhibited by the entire school community;
  • the environment is inclusive, safe and stimulating;
  • all members of the school community feel valued, supported and accepted;
  • we constantly strive for best practice and always seek to improve our performance;
  • students see the purpose of their learning and are accountable for what they do, taking responsibility for their own success;
  • students are encouraged to take risks, challenge themselves and develop resilience.