Student Services

School Psychologist

A School Psychologist visits our school every Monday to assist with educational issues of students. Students are normally referred to the Psychologist through teachers. Parents with concerns about their child should discuss these with their child’s teacher, who may deem it appropriate to make a referral.  Access to the School Psychologist is prioritised on a “needs” basis and may, at times, call for quite a lengthy waiting time.

School Chaplain

The school has access to a Chaplain every Tuesday and Friday. Chaplains provide trusted guidance on spiritual, moral and ethical issues.

Further information about the services is available at the Youth Care website

Dental Therapy Unit

A Dental Therapy Centre is located at Beldon Primary School – 10 Pacific Way, Beldon, for the provision of a continuing dental service for students from Pre Primary up to Year 11. The Centre is staffed by Dental Therapists and supervised by a dentist from the Dental Health Service. Each enrolled child is taught the proper care of teeth and gums. Please phone the Dental Therapy Centre should you require any further information on the service.

C/- Beldon Primary School
Cnr Gradient and Pacific Way BELDON  WA  6027
P: 9307 1425

Community Health Nurse

A visiting Health Department Nurse services the school on an infrequent basis. Routine testing is carried out, with parental consent, for Kindergarten levels of hearing and vision.