On the first Wednesday back of term four, the sustainability committee were pleased to see their plans come to fruition when we completed our trial wicking garden bed. Wicking beds have a reservoir of water at the bottom that is drawn up by the plants, which is ideal in our hot and dry climate. Essentially, we used an Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC), cut this in half then used agricultural pipe coiled around the bottom, with reticulation pipe inserted vertically to act as a watering pipe. We then placed rocks and sand in to ‘hold’ the water, added geotech fabric as a permeable layer, then mixed in an incredibly rich blend of soil over the top; including sheep manure, cow manure, coffee grounds and compost from school.

We still have five wicking beds to install and we need help, please. We will be holding a busy bee at school in front of the Science and Music block on Saturday, 2 November from 9am to 12pm (we may be finished before this). The sustainability committee members either have a similar system at home, or have been inspired to install their own wicking bed now. You are very welcome to wander down on the busy bee day and see how this system is installed. It’s relatively cheap and easy when you know how!

The garden beds will be clad at a later date.

What will we plant this term? Here’s how your child can get involved. The vegetable beds will be installed by week four of term four, on Monday, 4th November. Students are invited to bring in a seedling to plant in their year level garden bed. Many students are no doubt growing seedlings from the Woolworths promotion and the sustainability committee thought it would be fun for students who are not using all of these seedlings in their own gardens to bring a few in and plant them at school. This is optional of course.