Student Care

Student Services: Educational Psychologist/School Nurse/Chaplain
The services of an Educational Psychologist, School Nurse and a Chaplain are available to the school. Parents and students are able to access these service through the Administration of the school.
Accident or Illness
Minor accidents are treated at school. In cases more severe, we will contact you at once. Please ensure you keep your details updated through our office staff and have emergency contacts who are able to collect children if required.
Medical Information
When parents enrol all parents are asked to provide complete medical information on the Enrolment Form and this information is kept up to date. We need to know of any allergies your child may have so action plans can be developed where required. We encourage all parents to provide the school with as much information as possible in relation to any medical needs children have. Please note that all information is kept private and confidential.
School Uniforms
Students from Pre-Primary are expected to wear full school uniform, inlcuding the school broad brimmed hat. We encourage closed footwear to ensure safety for students when playing and sporting activities.
We understand that during Winter children can often become cold. We ask parents to ensure that children wear the school jacket/jumper. Please try and keep stockings blue or black.
All hair below the collar must be tied back. Head lice do occur in the school from time to time and this is one way of alleviating the problem.
Wearing Hats NO HAT- NO PLAY
All students are required to wear the school hat during play and sport sessions. If your child does not have the appropriate hat, they will be asked to sit out during break times. As we often have very high temperatures and are very aware of the impact prolonged sun exposure can have, we ask parents to check that students have the correct hat with them.