Please contact the school when your child is absent. Telephone the office or send an absentee through the school Short Messaging System (SMS) MessageU mobile 0437 908 750 or email the school and teacher or send in a note to the office explaining the reason for the absence.

This is a legal requirement. It is helpful if verbal communications of absences are also followed up in writing, so written confirmation can be held by the school.

Where an absence has not been explained, or an unsatisfactory attendance pattern has developed, the Deputy Principal responsible for attendance will directly contact parents or caregivers. All absences are recorded by classroom teachers before 9.30am. Rolls are electronically marked.

Mullaloo Beach Primary School will be using the Short Messaging System (SMS) MessageU to communicate student unexplained absences to parents/guardians.

This communication system will send a text message to parent/guardian mobile phones when your child is absent from school (in the instance that an explanation has not been received).

Commencing Monday 3 February 2020, each morning of a school day, our computer system will automatically send parents a message similar to:

“Mullaloo Beach PS records show that John Citizen is absent Wed 20/03/2020. Please reply SMS or call 9307 2099 to advise reason”

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