Final messages before the start of Term 2

Dear Parents,

Some final messages before the start of Term 2.

  • I hope everyone has received our communications regarding the school server crashing late last week. Despite all efforts, it is still down but we are working hard with the Department to get it up and running.  For those students working from home, it means Teachers cannot access some of the drives where the home learning resources are stored. Therefore, there may be some delay and disruption to getting the home packages loaded.  We are reminded that computer system crashes always happen at the most inconvenient times! Please bear with us as the repairs take place.
  • Please ensure that children have a water bottle. Drinking from water fountains will not be allowed.
  • The Government has asked us to give a very clear and firm message around children who are unwell. Children who are even moderately unwell can not be sent to school.  Children with mild coughs or runny noses will need to be kept at home.
  • Drop off and pick up procedures were sent out last week. They have been reprinted here as a reminder: Term 2 Return of Students 28042020