2017 Staff

2017 Staff
Principal- Brian Davies
Associate Principals - Ann Fielden and Phillip Davey
Office Staff- Judy Kanther and Cathlin Ryan
Kindy- Caitlin Dennis
PP- Kerry Wright and Tanya Watkins
PP- Chiara Longthorn and Tanya Watkins
Year 1- Vanessa Cox
Year 1- Karen Williams
Year 2- Chelsea Patterson
Year 2/3 - Sandy Sturmer and Caitlin Dennis
Year 3- Vanda Gates and Lynda Jones 
Year 3 - Leigh Slabosz and Bianca Gartner
Year 4- Pauline Floate and Nichola Galivan
Year 4 - Helena Sillence
Year 5/6 - Helen Craigie
Year 5/6- Melita Kitchen
Phys Ed and Music- Lyn McLachlan
Stem - Adam Mosconi
French- Gilles Robveille
Literacy Specialist - Kate Hewitson
Chaplain - Jessica Smith
Teacher Assistants- Kirsten Dobson, Nichole McMahon, Karen Jones, Leelyn Kaka, Vicky Brown and Diane Coates
Library Officer- Diane Coates
Canteen Manager- Erin Ranson
Gardener- Andrew Wise
Cleaning Staff - Armida Caraffi and Alawia Tormbell Elradi Koko