EduDance Concert

We are excited to inform you that next week we are hosting our Edu Dance concerts. The

Education Department is still adhering to Phase 4 restrictions so we will need to make some

accommodations on the day.

The concerts will be held over 2 days, being Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd June.

On Tuesday 22nd June, Kindergarten students will perform at 9.00am. At 2.00pm, Rooms

16, 17, 3, 10, 11 and 9 will perform. The students will be present in the Undercover Area for the duration of the concert.

Prior to each performance family members of that group of children will be ushered inside.

On Wednesday 23rd June, we will facilitate a similar process. Prior to 1.30pm, Rooms 2, 4,

6, 8 and 9 will assemble in the Undercover Area ready for a 1.30pm start. Between each

dance family members will be ushered inside.

We acknowledge that this is a very different process to what we are accustomed to. If

anything, COVID-19 has taught us to be creative and our main priority is to ensure that as

many family members can attend the concerts as possible.

Thank you in anticipation of your support.